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Spray foam roof insulation

As has been well documented in several scientific papers over the past number of years, the roof is the main sources in a structure where heat loss can be prevented using PurAcell spray foam roofing insulation.

PurAcell roof insulation offers a long term solution the help reduce heat loss and prevent drafts through the roof of a structure. Over the years, our roofing insulation will not break down or deteriorate, holding int insulation properties for its lifetime!

As the roof of a structure protecting a building from the elements, it takes a lot of ware and tear over time. When a roof is protected Puracell it adds strength and durability along with reducing heat loss. In a domestic household roof, we usually use our POC™500 open cell spray foam. This is sprayed into the rafters of the roof and into those hard to reach attic spaces. as it is sprayed, it expands and seals any gaps and cracks that would allow drafts and cold air into the roof-space. As it is a breathable product, it allows harmful gases to escape and prevents moisture build up and dampness.

Puracell roofing insulation is a high quality, low cost and eco-friendly way to reinforce your roof and protect your house from problems in the future.


Commercial building roof insulation

On a commercial building roof, the main product used is PCC ™2000 closed cell spray foam insulation. There are several reasons why a closed cell spray form may be used as opposed to an open cell roofing insulation and sometimes a combination of both types of foam are used, open cell and closed cell.

Our commercial roofing contractors will advise on the best products and methods of roofing insulation, depending on the structure and needs of our customer.

Roof insulation experts at PurAcell

Puracell spray foam contractors are expert at roof insulation and will guarantee your house is in the great condition as far as insulation is concerned.

Contact us at PurAcell to find your local approved PurAcell contractor for your spray foam roof insulation.

We use NASI certified insulation products


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