Container insulation


Shipping container insulation

One of the most common spray foam insulations at the moment is container insulation as spray foam is the most effective method of insulating a shipping container. It offers protection from condensation and dampness and protects the container both as an insulation and a sealant.

The most common spray foam used in containers is PCC ™2000 closed cell spray foam by Puracell. This type of insulation can be used for containers that are used as cooling or freezing unit also.


Lifetime insulation with PCC ™2000 closed cell spray

The closed cell spray foam the we use in containers is a  dense, rigid and impermeable to both air and water, perfect to protect a container for a lifetime. When shipping or storing goods in a container, having it insulated with PCC ™2000 closed cell spray will greatly reduce the chance of damage to goods and offer added protecting against the elements.

It makes sense to insulate with PCC ™2000 closed cell spray by PurAcell.

Experienced experts spraying containers...

For several years our contractors have sprayed many containers and know the best methods of installing the insulation. They are equip with the best type equipment for the job and are using a leading insulation material with PurAcell.

Contact us today and get a quotation for spraying your container, no-matter what use you have and our contractors will advise you on the best approach for insulation to suit your needs.

We use NASI certified insulation products


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