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PurAcell Sprayfoam Insulation is the only Sprayfoam to carry N.S.A.I. Certification for both opencell and closed cell foam in Ireland.  PurAcell high quality foams is available through our network of approved and certified installers. What does this mean for you the consumer.  Because you choose PurAcell Sprayfoam you can be rest assured and have the peace of mind that not only have you picked the very best product available but that your installation will be carried out by highly qualified and certified installers.

Insulation with PurAcell spray foam helps reduce your carbon footprint along with saving you money by reducing your heating bills. We are an privately owned Irish company with domestic and international client base where we offer a very customer friendly service at all times.

We only use NSAI approved insulation at all timSpray foam is suitable for a wide range of applications, see the full list of spray foam applications on this page.

How to get Puracell insulation

There are a few simple steps to getting PurAcell spray foam installed, when you contact our team here at PurAcell, we will advise you on what is available to you and have a representative from our company contact you directly to discuss your needs.

The insulation can be sprayed to any depth required and is always sprayed according to building regulations so you do not need to worry about any technical requirements. Our contractors always try to ensure minimum disruption in the home or business when applying the insulation.

Contact us today if you are interested in getting spray foam insulation and we will give you a quotation and timeline for the project.


Home Insulation

We use PCC 500 open cell spray foam insulation on most domestic household insulations. This foam is breathable and is one of the safest insulations for the home.

Commercial Insulation

PCC 2000 closed cell spray foam insulation is mainly used for commercial insulations. Closed cell foam is not a breathable form and offers a total seal when applied to a structure.

We use NASI certified insulation products

Spray foam insulation

Now a common insulation material, polyurethane spray foam insulation get produces when different components are mixed together during spraying. There are two types of spray foam insulation:

PurAcell spray foam insulation is a great method of saving energy in the home and in a commercial building. Our foam is easy to apply to difficult areas of a building or structure, both internally and externally.

This type of insulation material can be applied to almost any type of surface, it reacts in seconds and expands instantly, hence also known as expanding foam. it is applied by trained spray foam contractors using a spray foam spraying gun.

At Puracell our open cell spray foam is called POC 500, which is a breathable spray foam and commonly used in homes and living areas. Our closed cell spray foam is called PCC 2000 and is usually used in commercial applications. Our contractors will advise on the best insulation type to use when insulating a structure. There are circumstances where both type of spray foam are used on a structure, our professionally trained PurAcell installers will explain all this upon consultation.

Advantages of spray foam

There are many advantages to using this method of insulation in practically any type of structure. It starts to make a lot of sense to use PurAcell spray foam when you see all the reasons for doing so! Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Stops drafts and condensation
  • Lower energy cost
  • Adds structural integrity
  • Fills irregular shapes
  • Seals cracks and voids
  • Does not settle or shrink
  • Reduces ice damages
  • Reduces noise
  • Reduces the likelihood of mold
  • Reduces dust and pollen infiltration
  • Reduces air and moisture infiltration
  • R-values remain stable over time
  • Highest performance insulation
  • Helps to create a thermal envelope controlling the air inside the building
  • Quickly payback the initial investment
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Reduce amount of allergens, pollutants and moisture
  • Add resale value to your property
  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency

Spray foam insulation has many advantages over traditional insulation products. Investing in PurAcell spray foam insulation will  quickly payback the initial investment.


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