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Insulation has become more crucial over recent years with property owners having to deal with bad frost during winter and the ever rising price for home heating; it has become a trend in society to properly insulate your loft space so one can save money on heating bills and prevent lack of insulation problems like rot and mould in the loft. 

There can be a lot of heat loss through the loft in any building, that is why insulating with Puracell spray foam insulation in the loft can reduce energy and heat consumption and provide a more sustainable low cost heating/cooling environment. It is an effective method of loft insulation will guarantee your house is in the best possible condition as far as loft insulation is concerned.

Drafts and air leakage are a very common cause of heat loss in any structure, that is why insulating the loft with a good insulation like Puracell helps.  The air tightness in the loft is one of the principle advantages that Puracell spray foam insulation offers.


Low Cost Loft Insulation

The loft is one of the main areas for heat loss and draught sources in any building, it is vital you have a long term insulation solution in the loft that will not degenerate over time.

With Puracell spray foam insulation you can be sure that any loft that uses our loft insulation system will be protected and foam a heat loss. Burst pipes in cold weather can also be prevented by spraying the loft with Puracell products.

Our high quality spray foam solution can be applied between rafters and into those hard to get loft spaces, it expands to seal the loft from unwanted drafts and heat loss.

Best type loft insulation

Puracell is a low cost eco-friendly method of protect your loft in the home from any unwanted problems in the future. Our foam insulation can be installed at an affordable price making it a very realistic investment to save on energy bills.

Contact Puracell anytime and we will get our nearest spray foam contractor assist you in the process of insulation your loft.

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